In 1995 NAFSA was formally associated as an NGO to the UN Department of Public Information (now Dept of Global Communications). This association with the UN gives NAFSA members opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the UN and help their students become global citizens by attending events at the UN, hosting UN speakers on campus and more! Talk to your NAFSA representatives to the UN for more information.

In March 2007… the United Nations Member Interest Group (MIG) was created to provide a clearinghouse of information for NAFSA members about the UN; as a means to share what universities are doing with the UN, provide models to bring the UN on their campuses and provide resources (information about UN events, information about the UN association process, provide help with planning UN study tours etc). The UN MIG has a forum for schools to share what they are doing with global /UN initiatives on their campuses.

The UN MIG wants to make you aware of our UN activities that you as NAFSAns can take advantage of ..

-As a NAFSA member, you can attend the annual UN DPI NGO conference (there are limited spaces). This is the premiere event for thousands of NGOs to attend each year to learn about different topics i.e. Human Rights, Global Health, Disarmament, Sustainable Development. There are also opportunities for faculty, admin and students to volunteer on subcommittees helping to plan this annual conference.

NAFSA is a founding member of the UN’s Academic Impact Initiative (UNAI). As a member of the UNAI, you and your students can attend important events held at the UN in NYC as well as UNAI conferences all over the world. Some events have included the UN Secretary General! For more information about the Initiative and how your institution can participate: http://academicimpact.org/index.php.

NAFSA’s UN relationship can enhance you internationalize your campus.. NAFSA UN representatives have developed relationships with UN agency staffs, Missions and NGOs. Therefore we can use these relationships for the benefit of colleges by helping to set up visits and interviews when NAFSA representatives and their students travel to New York to learn more about the UN.  

UN MIG members present at annual regional and national conferences– through poster sessions and workshops. We provide useful examples and models about the work we do at these sessions. We also collaborate with other interested MIGs to host special UN related luncheons at the national conferences.   

-NAFSA members can bring students and members from your university to weekly UN NGO briefings held at the UN in NYC, connect to selected webcasts from the UN, or attend special events at the UN (limited spaces available)

NAFSA UN MIG members helped plan the first International Education Day at UN. Watch here!

We would like to help YOU learn how to become more connected with the UN.  Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how to get involved!


MEET US! Like most NAFSA MIGs, we meet annually at the national conference so look at the upcoming program listings.

TALK TO US! We host a listserve on NAFSA’s website

EMAIL UN MIG Coordinators:

Kelly Roberts, Fordham University;  keroberts@fordham.edu

Janelle Rasmussen, Montana State University;  JRasmussen@montana.edu


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